Feedback Session
Fifth year LCVP students decided to make a short film as part of a feedback session to thank Siemens for what we have learned.
The short film required a team of talented students, which included a film crew of script writers, editors, actresses, directors, carmera crew, songwriters and an IT team to create our website. 
The video features interviews of two students applying for the same position. While one student is polite and well prepared from the advice that siemens have thought her, the other student is careless and unprepared and has not used any of the advice that she has been given. The video will also feature a clip of Fingal students performing 'The Harlem Shake'. Students hope that while capturing the interest of other students with a comical effect, they can share what they have learned and help others to prepare for an interview.
The film was planned and created in three weeks and will be presented to Siemens at a later date.
All LCVP students would like to thank our teachers Ms.Gibson and Ms. Hynan as well as Ms. Fedelma O'Farrell, our schools business liason with Siemens.
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2012: Thank you Siemens Video by previous LCVP Class
Harlem Shake, Thank You Siemens Edition.
The Good Interview vs the bad interview movie.
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